Signs of a Hidden Leak in Your Pipes

Don’t automatically assume that every leaking pipe is easy to detect. Some leaks are very hard to detect, even when all of the signs are there that indicate the trouble. Sometimes, there are some not so obvious signs that the pipes are leaking and that’s repair is needed. Signs of a hidden leaking pipe in the home include:

·    Mold & Mildew on the Shower/Bathtub: Mold and mildew need moisture to survive. If the shower/tub area is excessively wet, it provides the perfect breeding grounds for the mold and mildew to grow, instantly causing an array of problems in the home and with your health, too.

·    Excessively High Water Bills: A normal increase in costs of the water bill is normal and should be anticipated. But when you open the bill and instantly go into shock, there is a problem, likely a leak, that needs to be repaired. The longer the leak persists, the larger the water bills will increase.

leaking pipe signal hill

·    Stained Ceilings/Walls: If you notice yellow or brown round stains on the ceilings and walls inside the home, it is yet another indication that a leaking pipe (or, worse, roof) is somewhere in the home. Prompt attention is imperative to resolve this issue.

·    Odor: A musty odor that is present in the home also indicates there is a leaking pipe. The smell is usually stronger in the basement and in the basement but can be smelled throughout the place.

If you suspect that you have a leaking pipe signal hill, make sure you call in the pros for service as quickly as possible.  There is no time to play around when there are leaking pipes in the home. The damage that a leaking pipe can cause is considerable and you do not want to endure the hassles in any way. The sooner you respond to trouble, the sooner you can eliminate plumbing issues and the trouble they bring.